Our view on design

Our view on design:

Designning is not only a question of aesthetic and style. It's not about making a beautiful drawing. The designer has to consider many points such as the market's trend,  the final user needs, the manufacturing process etc...
He has to know the past, observe the present, and create the future. In an other way, before creating the future, he has to know and understand the design history/philosophy, the evolution of men's habits and be clever enough to anticipate the future.
He has to put the user in the middle of the design development, create everything around him : in a word : ergonomy.

He has to consider each steps of the project.
Is the concept in phase with the actual society ?
Is the product easy to manufacture ?  How will the product be manufactured ?
Is the final price in phase with the market ?
How will it be conditioned/shipped/sold/assembled ?
Will the user understand the product ? Will he enjoy it ?
How to recycle the product ?

That's a lot of obligation, yes, designing is a serious process !
We, at aleks design studio, are a responsible team of professionals. We design with passion, motivation and positivism.
In Guangzhou since 2008,  we've experience working with Chinese factories and international companies. We offer full or customized designs services.

We provide three services:

  • Furniture design
  • Design Consultancy
  • Interior Design